Thursday, 11 August 2016


Over the weekend of September 4-6th, Essie will be attending the HNS 2016 conference in Oxford where she'll also be speaking on two panels.

BEYOND THE TEMPORAL - will be chaired by Karen Maitland (best selling author of highly renowned and wonderfully entertaining medieval thrillers). This will take place on the morning of Saturday, September 3. Along with Mary Sharratt, and Antoinette May this discussion will explore the way an author can use theories of spiritualism and the supernatural in various eras of historical fiction. Essie will talk in particular about the Victorian Cult of Death.

BEST SELLING ERAS - Held between 4-5pm on the Saturday, promises to be an entertaining discussion on those eras in history that seem to appeal to readers most - how and why their popularity prevails. Essie (on the Victorian era) will be joined here by Elizabeth Freemantle, Antonia Hodgson, and Angus Donald. 

This is going to be such a vibrant and interesting weekend. Essie looks forward to meeting some of you there.